Taylor Sheridan Net Worth: Full Name, Career, Earnings, Lifestyle & Bio

Taylor Sheridan is a screenwriter, director and actor based in America. He is famous for writing the screenplay ‘Those Who Wish Me Dead’ ‘Hell or High Water’ and ‘Sicario’ and received the Best Original Screenplay’s Academy Award nomination. Taylor Sheridan was the director of the film ‘Wind river’ featuring Elizabeth Olsen and Jeremy Renner and starred in ‘Sons of anarchy’, an FX television series. Taylor’s estimated net worth is about $1.5 million- $5.5 million USD.

NameTaylor Sheridan
Real NameTaylor Sheridan
Date Of Birth21st  May 1970
Birth PlaceCranfills Gap, Texas, US
Zodiac SignTaurus
ProfessionMovie Director, actor and scriptwriter
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseNicole Muirbrook
Height5 feet 11 inches (1.79m)
Weight116kg (225 Ibs)
Years Active1995- present
Net Worth$1.5- $5.5

Early Life

Taylor Sheridan was born in Cranfills Gap, Texas, US, on 21st May 1970. He is 51 years old. His parents are Colin Smith and Marilyn Smith. Taylor went to Texas State University, which he later dropped out.

He relocated to Austin and worked as a painter and lawnmower. Taylor’s childhood was not smooth sailing. He spends most of his time seeking shopping mall jobs. One day during his job hunt at the mall, he met his destiny changer, who gave him a chance to move to Chicago and pursue acting.  This was his life-changer moment as it unimaginably transitioned his life when he relocated to Texas.

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Taylor Sheridan’s Career

Taylor Sheridan took odd jobs in his university days, like being a handyman and mowing lawns. One day while wandering in a mall, he came across a talent scout who allowed him to be a model but instead, Taylor asked for an acting job.

The talent scout got him a plane ticket and audition for the trip. Taylor Sheridan instead encased his ticket and went to Chicago to the ‘Montgomery Ward’ commercial. Taylor Sheridan dropped out of university after the commercial. He moved to New York, stayed there for a year and relocated to Los Angeles. With minimal recognition in the entertainment industry, Taylor ran out of resources and had to camp on Los Angeles hills.

Taylor Sheridan eventually returned to Los Angeles and began getting bit parts of TV shows like ‘Texas Rangers’ ‘Walker’ and ‘Veronica Mars’. Taylor’s life still had little success in terms of wage and creative satisfaction. He started teaching acting classes in the evening to earn more.

In 2008, Taylor secured an acting job in the FX television crime series ‘Sons of Anarchy’ though his financial status remained the same. He was Deputy Hale in the series, but that isn’t the only script Taylor produced.

Taylor Sheridan decided to look for another way of storytelling. He came up with his first script, ‘Sicario’, with no expectation of filming it. On 19th May 2015, the speculative script was released at the Cannes Film festival. By then, Taylor had no idea he would be writing a sequel named “Sicario: Day of the Soldado” released in 2018. 

Taylor wrote his second script, ‘Comancheria’ in 2012 in the succession of his first masterpiece. In 2016, the masterpiece became the modern western ‘Hell and High Water’. On the other hand, in 2015, ‘Sicario’ made appearances on the silver screen before the second masterpiece, ‘Hell or High Water’, even though it was the first to be produced.

Taylor’s production shocked Hollywood waking them from a creative slumber. In 2015, ‘Sicario’ earned him the Best Original Screenplay’s Writers Guild of American Awards. By the time ‘Hell or High Water’ premiered, it had become the most awaited Hollywood project. Taylor got eight nominations, including the Best Original Screenplay’s Academy Award and the BAFTA in 2016.

In 2017, Taylor released ‘Wind River’ which was his first directorial debut. In 2018, ‘Yellowstone’, Taylor’s first TV project, premiered on Paramount Network. Currently, Taylor is working on ‘Those Who Wish Me Dead’, his second directorial project.

Taylor Sheridan’s Lifestyle

Being an ex-actor, Taylor notes that the multiple expositional dialogues he would read for television created an exposition allergy to his writing. He also has to look at plots that are absurdly simple to focus entirely on the character. Taylor acknowledges the most influential person to his writing are Coen brothers, Larry McMurtry and Cormac McCarthy.

Taylor Sheridan is known for playing with the screenplay’s structure and form in his work. He believes in the audience’s intelligence and uses his stories’ context and design to subvert expectations.

Taylor Sheridan’s Personal Life and Relationship Status

Taylor Sheridan was raised in Cranfills Gap, Texas, on a ranch. The family lived minimally, and Taylor notes that had they not lost their property in the 1990s, he would still be there. Taylor moved to Austin after dropping out of college and worked as a lawnmower and painter. He hunted for jobs in different shopping malls until he met the talent scout who became his destiny changer.

Taylor got married to Nicole Muirbrook, a model and actress, in 2013, and the two live in Weatherford, Texas, United States. Nicole is not only a cowgirl but also has a gorgeous personality. 

Taylor Sheridan’s Height, Weight, Eyes Color

Most celebrities use their body structure to win their fans’ hearts. Their fans always want to know their body measurement and compare it with other celebrities’. Taylor is no exception in this. His height is 5 feet 11 inches or 1.79m in meters. Taylor weighs 255 Ibs pounds or 116kgs, and his eye color is brown.

Taylor Sheridan Net Worth and Earning

Taylor is reported to have an estimated net worth of $1.5-$5.5 million in 2021. He mainly earns his income from acting, directing, producing drama series and movies and writing scripts. Taylor’s approximate annual income is $250,000. Recently, Taylor has hit the news headlines after the fourth season of the TV drama series ‘Yellowstone’ broke records and got over 7.5 million views. Apart from earning from scriptwriting and directing scripts, Taylor Sheridan has a production company producing multiple TV series and movies. The amount of income generated in this company contributes significantly to his net worth.