Wes Watson Net Worth – How Rich The American Fitness Coach Is In 2022?

Wes Weston is an ex-convict and an inspirational speaker born and raised in San Diego, California, scatting, snowboarding and snowboarding before being involved with marijuana dealings. Wes’s life in prison changed him and made him a better man than many inspires the new generation by giving them his life in prison experiences and the lessons he learned. As of 2022, Wes Weston estimated net worth is about $1.7 million.

Short Bio of Wes Watson

NameWes Watson
Real NameWes Watson
Date of BirthN/A
Birth PlaceSan Diego, California
ProfessionInstagram personality, YouTuber, fitness and motivational coach
Marital StatusMarried
Zodiac signVirgo
Net Worth $1.7 million

Early Life

Watson grew up in San Diego, where he used to skate and snowboard. Although Wes has yet to reveal whether he had siblings and anything about his parents, he frequently mentions his grandmother, who also played a great role in bringing him up besides his parents.

Wes started smoking marijuana when he was around the age of 12, making him an addict at a very young age. By the time Wes got to the age of 14, he was so addicted that he wanted more and did not have the money to purchase them. He decided to get into the dealing where he would get more than enough for himself and sell some.

Over time Wes was obsessed with the massive sum of money he would earn and the extra marijuana he would get for himself, and so the urge drove him to want more. Wes climbed ranks into the dealing, and at one time, he bought his first car, which he installed a play station in it, which cost him $50,000.

Within six months, Watson was able to buy his second car with his dealings. The vehicle was a Cadillac Esca led. At this age, Watson wanted to have all the best things in life and spend his money on them. Wes reveals that he made $20,000 – $40,000 per week through his illegal drug dealing business.

Over time he became one of the biggest marijuana dealers around, and he even got into dealings with other drugs where he acted as a middleman. Despite Watson knowing that what he was doing was illegal and would eventually end up in prison, he kept doing his illicit business.

In 2009 During his massive drug, dealing Watson’s deal went wrong where the US Marshals arrested him eight months later. He was charged with Assault, Great bodily injury with a deadly weapon, first-degree robbery, first-degree burglary, which were severe, charges that landed him ten years in prison.   

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Wes Watson Career

After being sentenced to 10 years in prison for the charges filed against him, it is said that it took him approximately five years to accept his prison life. Wes did not spend his time gossiping or getting into trouble with his fellow inmates; instead, he spent his time mastering his body and mind.

Being positive and disciplined was the start of Watson’s career, where he would inspire others by using himself as an example. Currently, he has a successful career and no longer lives his crime life. He spends his time telling his story via YouTube and other social media sites.

Watson started telling his story on Instagram, which was a huge success, and within six months, he opened his YouTube channel, where he kept sharing his life experiences. Some of the biggest lessons that we learn from Watson’s past that he has displayed and emphasized are:

Regret is Dangerous

Watson has mentioned several times about ‘Karmic Dept.’ when you do something you are not proud of turns into a vicious cycle. That added negativity will lead to something else that you might end up regretting. This, in turn, adds to more negativity, and the process continues. Instead, Watson emphasizes that you make every choice based on what will make you proud later.

Take Pride in the Process.

Wes says that having goals is fantastic, but he further explains that true power comes when you enjoy the process of earning your plan but not the reward. For motivation, he further breaks, it down saying that if you are working towards your goal and it does not turn out how you hoped it would, you are likely to lose focus and give up. However, if you learn to enjoy the self-sacrifice and hard work that you put into your goal, nothing is going to stop you.

You Can Create Who You Want to Be

Many experience the prison system as the end of life, and they start to live life with the mentality set at that. This continues that even if they are released from the prison system, they end up back bars due to their psyche. Watson emphasizes that everyone has the power to control their thoughts. So if you train yourself to control your thoughts and push away the negative energy, you can be whoever you want to be.

Besides giving out motivational quotes from his previous experiences and life in prison, Watson is a physical trainer. He believes that mental strength goes hand in hand with physical strength. This has seemed to help many move away from the heavy loads of life they seem to be carrying.

Wes Watson Relationship Status and Personal Life

 Watson is currently married to a beautiful lady called Valerie on October 31, 2019. Since then, the couple has inspired many and speak the truth on their YouTube videos. According to Wes, their marriage has been a roller coaster, and they have big fights frequently after two to three days, but the couple overcomes the hurdle with the love they have for each other and never giving up.

He further revealed that they met on Instagram and got married after knowing each other for 28 days. While people criticize this, he says that he does care about what people say and follows his heart. Additionally, the couple have a son Wolfie, and it is believed that Wes is the stepdad, but he still takes him as his own. He says that he appreciates the support that they give him, and he is constantly posting them on his Instagram page.

Wes Watson Height, Weight, Eyes Color

Wes Watson is a physical trainer. He takes his physical and mental training to the extreme and very seriously. Wes wakes up at 2.45 am before everyone else and begins his workouts. He then reads books, brushes his teeth, and begins physical routines.

Though there are no official details about his weight, height, and eye color, we can go by the pictures he shares and estimate his height at average, and he weighs more than average. He also seems to have a brown color.

Wes Watson Net Worth and earning

Wes Watson has a massive following on Instagram of up to 158k and gets hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube. These have greatly attributed to his wealth, which is estimated to be over $1.7 million as of 2022. This is earned from the immense love shown by his fans. Additionally, Watson does life coaching, where he $250 monthly for fitness-training clients. Additional to this, he has plans to take the platform online where he can be able to reach a wider audience. His price is currently set at $47 monthly. All these have contributed and will also further contribute to his net earnings