SteveWillDoIt Net Worth-Full Name, Career, Earnings, Lifestyle & Bio

SteveWillDoIt, formally known as Stephen Deleonardis, is an Instagram star and social media personality. He is among the successful YouTubers in the united states known for his YouTube and Instagram videos of doing insane and extreme challenges, stunts, and pranks. His fan base is not limited to any social media platform. He has over 3.3 million followers on Instagram, over 170K followers on Twitter, and 4.2 subscribers on his YouTube channel. Steve’s estimated net worth is around $3.5 million USD as of 2021.

Quick Overview About SteveWillDoIt

Real NameStephen Deleonardis
Date Of BirthAugust 26th, 1998
Birth PlaceOviedo, Florida, US
Zodiac SignVirgo
ProfessionYoutuber, content creator, Prankster
Marital StatusIn a Relationship
EducationHigh School graduate
GirlfriendCelina Smith
Height5feet 9 inches(171Ibs)
Hair colorDark brown
Eye ColorDark brown
Years Active2013- present
Net Worth$3.5 million
Income$250,000 annually

Early Life

SteveWillDoIt was born on August 26th, 1998, in Oviedo, Florida, United States. His real name is  Stephen Deleonardis. He is twenty-three years old in 2021 and born under the zodiac sign of Virgo. Information sources report that he was raised by both parents, Mr. & Mrs. Deleonardis, in a Christian faith. He also has a brother, Rocco Deleonardis, and a sister, Briana Deleonardis. The family lived in Florida, but later on, Steve relocated to Los Angeles. Looking at his educational detail, he graduated from Oviedo High School, but whether he proceeded to university or enrolled in one is unknown.

Steve started making pranks and challenge videos as a teen and posting them on Instagram. He began posting his challenge videos with the username SteveWillDoIt in May 2017. His username reveals that he will perform any challenge his viewers’ request.

SteveWillDoIt also enjoys traveling and exploring new places in the world.

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SteveWillDoIt Career

When it comes to tricky challenges and tasks, one person that comes to mind is SteveWillDoIt. Steve is a Youtuber, content creator, and Instagram model. He believes he is the ‘healthiest man alive. Steve became famous for the extreme video challenges he posts on his social media accounts and YouTube channel.  

He started making and posting videos on Instagram in 2017. Steve debuted his career after joining NELK, one of the Canadian YouTube channels that started on 13th April 2013 and has more than seven million subscribers.

Later on, in 2019, Steve created his own YouTube channel and named his first video “I am taking over YouTube” the video went viral and gained over one million views. In May 2019, Steve shifted from Instagram and started posting his video on YouTube. Most of his videos on his YouTube channel are of him consuming a large amount of alcohol, food, or cannabis. When you visit his youtube channel, you will notice that he entertains his fans by posting viral game challenges like Eating the World’s Largest Pizza Lice and Trying to Eat Thirty Burgers.

While still a member of NELK Entertainment, a public prank and social experiment channel, Steve’s popularity rose higher. On 7th May 2019, he incorporated with NELK members and came up with a video named ‘Fake Security At Hollywood’s Hottest Night Club Prank.’

In this same year, 2019, one of Steve’s videos got criticized by Demi Lovato, where he was consuming a large amount of alcohol which made Steve more popular.  However, the critic didn’t go well. It ended up with them having a little beef and Demi blocking Steve.

In February 2020, SteveWillDoIt relocated to Los Angeles to work alongside other NELK team members. On 13th April 2021, with other NELK members, Steve made a video titled ‘Buying a $10Million Yacht in Bitcoin’. The video went viral, gaining over 3.8 million views.

In October 2020, with other NELK team members, Steve got a chance to meet with the former president of the United States, Donald Trump. The team also got an invitation to dance on stage with Donald trump when they took part in one of Donald’s campaign rallies.

Apart from making videos and entertaining his social media fan base, steve is also a competent musician, contributing to his wealth.


SteveWillDoIt’s Relationship

The YouTube star is currently in a romantic relationship with Selena, alias Celina smith. His girlfriend Celina is an American professional model and Instagram personnel. She often creates content on fashion and lifestyle.

They started dating when they were teens after they met at Oviedo High School. The two have dated for four years now, and fans love and adore their chemistry. Steve has featured his girlfriend in most of his YouTube videos by introducing her to his YouTube channel.

Rumors have that Celina once cheated on Steve with Jason Pagaduan, which led to their breakup. But Steve and Celina sorted their issues and reconciled.

SteveWillDoIt’s Height, Weight, Eye Color

Steve’s height is 5’9″ in inches, 1.75m in meters, and 175cm in centimeters. The Youtuber has an incredible slim-built body as he works out regularly to keep fit and maintain his body weight. He is also a strong guy that lifts weights when he is under the influence of weed. On the other hand, the social media star weighs 171 IBS in pounds and 78kgs in kilograms. SteveWillDoIt’s eye color is dark brown.

SteveWillDoIt Net Worth and Earning In 2021

SteveWillDoIt’s estimated net worth is at $3.5 million as of 2021. He earns this from his YouTube channel with more than 4.2 million active subscribers and other social media platforms, including Instagram.

The much Steve earns from social media platforms doesn’t seem to get on his fans’ heads. Steve gets more than 500k daily views on different sources. Looking at his monthly views, Steve gets over 10 million views monthly and over 330 thousand views daily.

His daily earning on YouTube is $2500. Social Blade notes that Steve earns approximately $29K-$466K annually. If Steve gets to earn on a higher-end, he will earn over $1 million annually on advertisements.

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