Stephen Kalayjian Net Worth – How Rich The American Market Strategist Is In 2022?

Stephen Kalayjian is one of the renowned chief market strategists with great experience and talent in the trading market. He earns his money and fame from the different businesses he does. But Stephen is famous for being a competent stock exchanger. The stock exchange market gives Stephen a lot of money, and many trusted sources have reported that Stephen Kalayjian’s net worth is over 1 million dollars as of 2022. He earns more than $400000 annually.

NameStephen Kalayjian
Real NameStephen Kalayjian
Date Of Birth10th February 1963
Age59 years
Birth PlaceUnknown
ResidenceKatonah, New York, US
ProfessionChief market strategist, industry leader, trading veteran
Educational levelAssociate degree
Marital StatusMarried
Zodiac SignAquarius
Hair colorGrey
Eye colorBlack
Years Active1983 to date
Salary$400k annually
Net Worth$1 million

Early Life

According to Stephen Kalayjian, he didn’t desire to be a trading business agent. During his early life, he engaged in many things for survival. He has a tremendous educational background as he attended university and attained an associate degree. Still, there is not much information on where he studied and what kind of student he was in school. 

Stephen Kalayjian was born on 18th February 1963, and he will be fifty-nine years as of 2022. His hometown is Katonah, New York City, and he also resides in the same place. His siblings, parents, and spouse’s background is unknown, but informational sources will update it once it is available.  

Stephen tried different careers after graduation. He became a footballer but didn’t become successful in it. Stephen has also tried being a baseball player, but unfortunately, he failed again. His father is the one who introduced him to trading and helped him find a job. Stephen Kalayjian started his trading career in 1983 at the Comex office in New York City. 

Stephen has contributed hugely to the trading market to the point of launching a social media trading app known as Ticker Tocker. Many people use the app during their trading, and it has hugely impacted the United States economy. 

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Stephen Kalayjian Career

Stephen Kalayjian has over thirty years of experience in stocks, currencies, and futures. He began his trading career in 1983 as an American Stock Exchange agent. In 1984, he moved to New York Stock Exchange, where he served in his position up to 1989. 

From 1989 to 1991, Stephen Kalayjian got a position in the Chicago Board of Trade and New York Mercantile Exchange, COMEX division. From 1992 to 2004, he traded his capital and different family offices, nearly two billion US stocks shares, becoming a triumphant day trader. Stephen founded his company in 2005 to discover and invent software to help note reversals, trends, divergences, and patterns in the market for time frames and asset classes. He also hosted daily market recaps about equity, crude oil, and gold and wrote monthly newsletters. 

Throughout Steve Kalayjian’s trading career, he has made appearances on Voice of America, Fox Business News, and Fresh Outlook. He has also been published by MarketWatch, Bloomberg, USA Today, World Report, Investor’s Business Daily, and CNBC. 

Stephen Kalayjian desires to come up with practical trading ideas daily. Together with his technical team, they use technical analysis to utilize the developed proprietary charting software to forecast the stock market. Steve Kalayjian has traded over a billion shares, and his YouTube channel has more than a million views. 

Although it is difficult and complex to understand, Stephen Kalayjian has become a renowned and competent trader in the stock exchange market. It has a lot of opportunities you can grab while trading, but you have to know the right path to follow and the ones to avoid. You have to work very hard to become successful in the business. 

To be successful in the stock exchange market, you need patience. It is tough to know everything that happens during trading, and one should be careful knowing whatever happens; they should remain hopeful. If you lose hope means you become a loser. Stephen Kalayjian has been examining the stock market visually and how constantly the patterns repeat themselves for over eight years, and he notes that the patterns reoccur. 

How Stephen Kalayjian Makes His Money

Stephen Kalayjian is a well-known and successful trader who has made an attractive career path from the stock exchange business. Informational sources don’t know much net worth, and Stephen has never been concerned about addressing his net worth to the public. 

It is hard to identify and calculate Stephen Kalayjian’s net worth as he engages in a risky business. He can earn a million dollars in a second and end up losing double the amount the next minute. Either way, Stephen has become successful through the business as he does what others don’t. 

Stephen’s success secret in the stock exchange business is his courage in taking risks. He acknowledges that you take multiple threats in a business like the stock exchange to survive the market, and risks can make you float in the highest success pillar, where everything will look fantastic and bright. You will get to enjoy your moments of victory and live in your dreams. 

Stephen Kalayjian Net Worth and Earning

According to trusted business sources, Stephen Kalayjian has an estimated net worth of over $1 million as of 2022, with a salary of around $400k annually. His sources of income primarily come from the stock exchange business. He is the founder of Ticker Tocker, a stock exchange company that trades reversals, patterns, Futures, trends, and divergence.  

Stephen Kalayjian’s success didn’t happen in a day as he believes you can’t be successful when you feel like it. You ought to have discipline in trading to not lose your money. In the same way, you employ discipline in other things; you also need it in trading to give you hope and help you know when to leave.