Michael K Williams Net Worth-How Rich The American Actor is in 2022?

Born on November 22, 1966, in Brooklyn, New York City, Michael Kenneth Williams is an Afro- American descent. He is well known for his acting career for roles like Omar Little for a television series (2002-2008) called ‘The Wire,’ and played Albert White in the year (2010-2014) in the series ‘Boardwalk Empire’.

Michael is also known for his excellent dance skills and has been in the entertainment industry since 1995. Michael’s primary source of wealth is mainly from his acting and dancing career. He is estimated to be worth about $5million until his death.

Short Bio of Michael K Williams

NameMichael K. Williams
Real NameMichael Kenneth Williams
Date of BirthNovember 22, 1966
Birth PlaceBrooklyn, New York City USA
ProfessionActor, Choreographer, Dancer, Model, Voice Actor
Girl FriendTasha Smith
Height5 feet 10 inches
Weight76 kilograms
Years Active1994-2021
Net Worth$5 Million
Death DateSeptember 06, 2021
Cause of DeathAcute combination drug intoxication

Early Life

William is the son of Booker T. William, an American father from Greeley Ville, South Carolina, where the African family has roots, and a Bahamian mother from Nassau. According to his DNA, William is descended partly from the Sere Leon community called the Mende people.

Williams was brought up in Vanderveer Projects in the Easter Flatbush, Brooklyn. He then went ahead to study at George Wasting house Career and Technical Education High School.

Later, William went on to work as a pharmaceutical tamps for Pfizer. However, this was not what he wanted, and so he was inspired by Jackson’s Rhythm Nation (1814) and went ahead to quit his job and school, even more, going against his, families wishes and pursuing a career in dancing.

Williams followed his dreams and remained homeless for almost a year. After that, he visited several dance studios looking for work and landed one as a background dancer for Kym Sim. The dance studio further opened more opportunities for him, made appearances in dance videos and music tours with musicians such as Madona, and landed some modeling gigs.

Williams had a large Facial scar that he got on his 25th birthday at a bar fight in Jamaica Avenue, New York when he was cut using a razor blade. The scar was so significant that he was featured in music videos as a thug and modeling opportunities with recognized photographers like David LaChapelle.

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Michael K Williams Career

Williams started his career in the 1990s, but his most significant breakthrough came when he landed an HBO drama series in 2002 called ‘The Wire’ that aired (2002-2008). The series was well-received by fans worldwide, and the character ‘Omar little,’ played by Michael Williams, emerged as the central figure in all the seasons of the movie.

When the series finally ended, many people started recognizing the actor’s faces in all of Hollywood. Thus he began making appearances in several blockbusters, such as in (2008) ‘The Incredible Hulk’ by Leterrier and (2009) ‘Life during Wartime’ written and directed by Todd Solondz and others.

Despite making appearances in blockbusters, he continued appearing in television series and gaining some essential roles. Such as in (2008) he started in the only season of the series ‘Kill Point: in the Line of Fire .’He also appeared in a short series in (2009) ‘The Philanthropist.’  

William Later made an appearance in the main cast of the historical series produced by Martin Score (2010-2014) ‘Boardwalk Empire.’ The series had five seasons allowing him to embody the lead character ‘Albert White,’ also called ‘Chalky.’

He also ventured into comedy, where he borrowed his character from a biology teacher in the third episode of season three of ‘Community’ in 2011. In 2013, Michael took the lead character in the ephemeral ‘Walk This Way’ where he played a reverend.

In 2015 he made appearances in a comical mini-series ‘The Spoils Before Dying’ and embodied a crime drama thriller ‘Captive’ in the same year directed by Jerry Jameson. All these appearances steadily contributed to his net worth to date.

In 2016 William ventured into News, where he began hosting a ‘Vice land’ program, called the ‘Black Market’ where he worked with vice news. Here he visits Clandestine markets and investigates how their operations connect to their clientele.

In 2018 William worked again with the ‘Raised in the System,’ which was HBO’s Emmy weekly winning newsmagazine series, where he again worked with the Vice team. William then took a long personal journey to expose the source of the American Mass confinement crisis, ‘The Juvenile Justice System.’

William was initially the Lead of ‘A Star Wars Story’ where he was to pay as Dryden Vos, the crime lord. However, this failed due to a scheduling conflict with ‘The Red Sea Diving Resort .’Hence he was unable to show up for a reshoot. Therefore he was replaced by Paul Bethany. He played Montrose Freeman in ‘Lovecraft Country’ on the HBO series.

Michael K Williams Relationship Status and Personal Life

Besides Michael being a very successful career, he had a giving heart. Michael realized the importance of giving back to society and started his charitable organization, Making Kids Win. Additionally, William owned his own production company called Freedom Production Inc.

In 2019 Michael K Williams and Tasha Smith started dating. Though the 54-year-old never got married, he kept his love affair a secret and had a kid. However, Tasha bragged about Michael for the first time on Instagram, where she introduced him as the love of her life.

During his role that he played ‘Omar little,’ Williams went by his character name and developed a habit of smoking cannabis and addiction to cocaine in 2004. Which little did he know that would lead to his death?

On September 6, 2021, William was found dead in his apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, by his nephew. On September 24, 2021, it was confirmed by the New York Chief of Medical Examiner that Michael K. William died of an overdose. The cause of death is because he combined p-fluorofentanyl, fentanyl, cocaine, and heroin.

He had a private funeral held at St. Stephens Episcopal Cathedral in Pennsylvania, where his mother stays.

Michael K Williams Height, Weight, Eye Color

Michael had a great height, winning significant roles in movies and series. He had a height of 5 feet 10 inches which was the average requirement for most major parts that he played beside the scar that he also had.

Michael had to maintain his body weight and size constantly, which was extremely important for his career as a dancer and actor. He weighed 76kg which was always favorable to him. In addition, Michael has a good-looking dark brown eye color ancestrally passed down.

Michael K Williams Net Worth and Earning

Michael’s net earnings are estimated to be $ 5 million. This majorly comes from his acting career. Michele was high pay in movies such as ‘Brooklyn’s Finest,’ ’12 Years a Slave’, ‘The Purge Anarchy,’ ‘The Gambler’ ‘Ghostbuster ‘and ‘The Assassins Creed.’

Michael also earned from TV series such as ‘Law & Order,’ ‘The Philanthropist,’ ‘The Wire,’ and ‘Alias.’ Also, Michael’s wealth came from his production studio besides his acting career.