African-American Model Mercedes Morr Net Worth

Mercedes Morr, popularly known as Miss Mercedes Morr, was an Instagram influencer, model, and actress. Born Jenae Gagnier in El Paso, Texas, the Instagram star is well-known for her sultry snaps and funny lip-sync videos on Instagram. Before she met her untimely death in August 2021 under the hands of a stalker, Morr was a Fashion Nova brand ambassador. She was friends with top-tier celebrities, including Drake, Tory Lanez, Cardi B, and Offset. At the time of her death, her net worth was estimated at $2 million.

Short Bio of Mercedes Morr

NameMercedes Morr
Real NameJenae Gagnier
Date of Birth26 November 1987
Age34 as of 2021
EthnicityAfrican American
BirthplaceEl Paso, Texas, United States of America
Zodiac SignSagittarius
ProfessionInstagram Influencer and Model
Marital StatusSingle
Height162 cm(5”11)
Weight55 kgs( 121.3 pounds)
Eye ColorBrown
Date of Death29 August 2021
Years Active2013-2021
Net worth$2 million

Early Life

Mercedes Morr was born in El Paso, Texas, to Mark Gagnier and Jeanetta Grover. After a short while, Morr and her parents moved to Los Angeles so that her mother could help her father manage a family restaurant. Unfortunately, her parents divorced, and Jeanetta moved back to Texas. Morr alternated staying with her mother in Texas and father in California, making it hard for the parents to discipline her. As a  teenager, she was bright, with a strong liking for fashion, always hanging out at the Walmart parking lot with her friends.

Morr had a half-sister, London, who was very fond of her famous sister. They spent time together whenever Morr went over to her father’s place in California.

Due to her nomadic lifestyle alternating between Texas and California, Morr attended several local high schools. She made a rather famous name for getting involved with fights with other girls in high school. After graduating high school, she enrolled in a dental school to pursue a course in dental assistance but later dropped out to go to Las Vegas with her then-boyfriend. In Vegas, she picked up the moniker “Mercedes Morr” Morr started dancing in strip clubs.

Morr later moved back to Houston and concentrated on her strip dancing career to pay her bills, which later paved the way for her to become a social media influencer.

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Mercedes Morr Career

Miss Mercedes Morr started her career as a strip club dancer in Las Vegas. After working there for a while, she relocated to Houston, which was to become her home and official residence later. In Houston, Morr made her money through appearances in clubs, working her way up, and earning vast amounts of cash that shook even her parents.

Although her parents were concerned about this kind of work, she assured them it was a means to get money to become a full-time social media influencer. Her fame grew over the past ten years, and by 2021, she had gained over 2.6 million followers on Instagram. Though she continued to make appearances in clubs as a source of money, her influence was her primary income stream.

In 2013, she officially launched her Instagram model career with an official photo shoot. She also networked with A-list celebrities such as Offset and Drake, the latter later dedicating a whole album, Certified Lover Boy, to her. She landed ambassadorial roles with companies such as fast fashion retail company Fashion Nova through the influencer role.

Morr was also a model, earning her money through personal appearances. She also appeared as an extra on reality TV shows. Before she met her death, Morr was planning on venturing into a leggings fashion line and a hair extension business. She actively auditioned for roles in TV shows and movies before an obsessed stalker from Florida crushed her dreams.

The Houston-based influencer was also an adult content model on OnlyFans, a London-based subscription service that lets users receive donations and funding from their fans. She created content and shared it with her fans, which was another of her various sources of income. Her career in the subscription services became a subject of discussion after her death, critics citing such a line of work as a place to attract crazed fans.

 In one of his messages, Kevin Accorto, the Florida man believed to have strangled the model, said that “ he was used for money,” insinuating he sent the Onlyfans star money when she led him to believe she loved him.

Mercedes Morr Lifestyle

Mercedes Morr was known for the revealing dress code and flashy lifestyle, constantly posting sultry photos in her house, clubs, or on vacation. She donned expensive shoes, mostly high heels, skimpy shorts, bikinis, designer leggings, and body-hugging jeans.

She had a lovely house in the outskirts of Houston, in Richmond, with beautiful views and a swimming pool, the latter easily noticeable through her Instagram snaps by the pool. Her close friends called her the life of the party because she loved clubbing and partying.

Mercedes Morr’s personal life and relationship status

Morr had good relationships with her immediate family, her mother Jeanetta, her father Mark, and her little sister London. She lived alone in Houston, though her family frequently checked in or called her.

Morr was reportedly dating a guy named Corey, who lived in Alabama. The lovebirds were  about to move in together in a new house in Houston before the social media stalker killed her. She had had other relationships in the past, but according to her sister London, they didn’t last because the boyfriends tried to stop her from pursuing her stripping or influencer career.

Mercedes Morr Height, Weight, and Eye Color

Mercedes Morr had an attractive physique with a slim waist and wider hips. She stood to a height of about 165 cm (5 feet and 11 inches), complementing her curvy physique. Morr constantly worked out at the gym, giving her a slim waist and flat tummy. She weighed about 55 kilograms (121.3 pounds). Morr had stunning brown eyes that complimented her brown skin.

Mercedes Morr Net Worth and Earnings

At the time of her death, Mercedes Morr was worth approximately $2 million. Her primary source of income was through Instagram ambassadorial roles with companies such as Fashion Nova and local businesses like Allure Dior Plush. Her Instagram reels were viewed by millions of her fans, earning her hundreds of dollars through sponsored posts.

She also earned from club appearances in high-end clubs and the occasional strip dancing on requests.  Morr also made some money through OnlyFans, where she got funding from fans who liked her content. The guys at Masterarbeit schreiben lassen helped with the design of the article.