Kristina Beard Net Worth- How Rich Actually She Is?

Kristina Beard, the daughter of Celeste Beard and the late Steven Beard, is an American who gained notoriety due to her mother’s conviction for the murder of Steven Beard. As of 2023, Kristina Beard’s estimated net worth is around $500,000. However, another source claims her net worth to be $1 million. The discrepancy in the reported net worth figures could be due to the lack of information on her income sources. Nonetheless, Kristina received an estimated $2 million inheritance from Steven Beard, which could have contributed to her net worth.

NameKristina Beard
Real NameKristina Beard
Date Of Birth2nd June 1987
Age35 years
Birth PlaceDaytona, Ohio
Residence215 Katherine Ln, Coatesville, PA 19320
ParentsCeleste Beard
SiblingJennifer Beard Steven Beard (late)
Zodiac SignGemini
Hair colorBlonde
Eye colorBrown
Years ActiveUnknown
Net Worth$500k

Early Life

Kristina Beard was born on 2nd June 1987 in Daytona, Ohio, to Celeste Beard, and she will be 37 years old in 2024. She is an American by nationality and was born under the Zodiac sign Gemini. Kristina also has a fraternal twin known as Jennifer Beard.

When it comes to Kristina Beard’s educational background and qualifications, little is known to the public. However, information sources will update it once Kristina shares any details.

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Kristina Beard: Secrets of a Gold digger Killer

Deception and motives surround the story of a murdered millionaire and his wife that did everything to see him dead. When Celeste Beard was featured in Snapped’s first episode in 2004, she alleged her innocence in Texas Prison. She notes that any time she has the opportunity to proclaim her innocence, she grabs it and hopes the public will consider her innocent. Celeste says she is rotting in prison for a crime she didn’t commit.

The crime Celeste Beard is accused of happened on 2nd October 1999 in Austin Mansion at around 3:30 am. The police got a 911 call from Steven Beard, a 74-year old claiming he needed an ambulance as he had a stomach injury. When responders got to Steven’s mansion, they found him alone, holding his intestines coming from a hole in his stomach. At first, Steven Beard thought the injury resulted from a recent medical procedure he had undergone. Celeste Beard walked in when the responders figured out what happened, surprised by the incident. Celeste Beard claimed they slept on different mansion wings because of Steven’s CPAP machine noise. She later followed Steven Beard to the hospital.

The Birth of Kristina and Jennifer Beard

Celeste Beard was born in California and had a difficult time growing up. She claims she had rebellious adolescence and sustained sexual abuse from a male relative. Celeste gave birth to twin girls Jennifer and Kristina when she was seventeen.

When Celeste couldn’t keep the relationship she had with the father of her kids, she relocated from one state to the other, remarrying again. In 1993, Celeste moved with her children to Texas and worked at a country club as a waitress, and here she met Steven Beard.

Who is Steven beard?

When Celeste Beard met Steven Beard, he was a self-made millionaire claiming his success in local television and media, and it was rumored he sold his station for $15 million. Steven was a widower whose wife succumbed to terminal brain cancer. He had only buried his wife two weeks ago when he met Celeste, and things between them moved fast. After knowing each other for one month, Steven invited Celeste and his twins to move to his mansion.

The two got married on 18th February 1995, and Steven adopted the girls as his own a month before their 18th birthday. Celeste started utilizing Steven’s money as she pleased, but it came to a hold when Steven was taken to the hospital. At the mansion, investigators found a shotgun casing near his bed.

Who Wants Steven Beard Dead?

When surgery was conducted, Steve came out well. Investigators visited him at the hospital, but they noted that Celeste had contracted a criminal defense lawyer that denied them access to Steven. The only option they were left with was interviewing Kristina and Jennifer Beard, who quickly mentioned Tracey Tarlton as the suspect. According to Jennifer Beard, Tracey was Celeste’s friend; they met at a mental hospital and hung out quite often. Investigators found out that Celeste had a series of severe depression. Kristina Beard explained that they once witnessed Celeste holding a gun to the head after a heated argument with Steven.

Celeste notes that their house was a war zone as Steven never wanted her to discipline their daughter. She felt that loneliness was looming around as he passed out each night. She felt depressed and upset about everything and wanted to commit suicide at that point. Celeste met Tarlton at the mental hospital struggling with alcoholism and became friends. When they were both released in 1999, they spent most of the time together. Jennifer Beard noted that it was evident that they had feelings for each other.

Friends also noticed their affection, like Tarlton whispering and snuggling in Celeste’s ears or holding her on her lap. Kristina said on one occasion, he caught them kissing on the bed and reported it to Steven, but Celeste denied it. Even though Celeste rejected the accusations, Steven hindered Tracey from visiting his mansion.

During investigations, the authorities visited Tracey’s house and found many Celeste’s photos. When they asked about firearms, Tarlton willingly gave out her gun. Later after testing, results came out that the shotgun was the same that shot Steven Beard. When the authorities interrogated Tracey, she admitted that she shot him but didn’t explain why.

After four months of staying in hospital, Steven was released into the care of Celeste. But he was readmitted a day later with an infection. Steven succumbed to death, and Tarlton was charged with murder. On the other hand, Celeste resumed her partying life, and Kristina and Jennifer noted that she wasn’t acting like a widow would.

Kristina Beard Net Worth

Kristina Beard’s estimated net worth varies in different sources. As of 2023, her net worth is estimated to be around $500,000, while another source claims her net worth to be $1 million. The discrepancy in the reported net worth figures could be due to the lack of information on her income sources. Nonetheless, Kristina received an estimated $2 million inheritance from Steven Beard, which could have contributed to her net worth.