Jack Harlow Net Worth – Full Name Career, Earnings, Lifestyle and Bio

Jackman Thomas Harlow, commonly known as Jack Harlow, is an American songwriter and rapper. Jack Harlow is the co-founder of Private Garden, his musical collection. He is also signed to Atlantic Records imprint, DJ Drama’s record label Generation, and Don Cannon. He is a famous influencer with over 4.2 followers on Instagram and has an estimated net worth of over $4 million USD.

NameJack Harlow
Real NameJackman Thomas Harlow
Date Of Birth13th March 1998
Birth PlaceShelbyville, Kentucky, United States
ProfessionRapper, Songwriter and Singer
Marital Statussingle
GirlfriendNot dating
Height191 cm or 6 feet 3 inches
Weight77 kgs
Years Active2011-Present
Net Worth$4 million

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Early Life

Jack Harlow was born in Shelbyville on 13th March 1998 and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. He was raised in a horse firm by his father Brian Harlow and mother Maggie Harlow, a business lady.

Jack started rapping at the age of twelve, and together with Copeland, his friend used a laptop and Guitar Hero microphone to record songs and rhymes. Their first CD was Rippin’ and Rappin’, and they sold the copies at their school, Highland Middle School. He prepared his first mixtape, Extra Credit, using a professional microphone and moniker during his seventh grade. Additionally, Jack Harlow, with various friends, made a collective known as “Moose Gang.” He also worked on two other mixtapes, Music for the “Deaf and Moose Gang,” that was never released.

Jack Harlow’s Musical Career

When talking about Jack Harlow, what comes into your mind, Tiktok or What’s Poppin. That is one of his famous songs in his album. Let’s take a look at his career and when he started.

Jack Harlow started his music career at the age of twelve when his family moved to Louisville. He used Facebook, Soundcloud, and YouTube to upload his music online. He also got record label and music executive’s attention at the age of fourteen and gained appearances in large crowds and local venues while in high school.

Jack Harlow opened Vince Staples in March 2015. Headliners Music Hall is the one that brought Jack to be the main star in the event. In 2015 November, Jack Harlow released a commercial album EP named ‘The Handsome Harlow.’ SonaBLAST Gill Holland released the song. The EP got the attention of SYK Sense, a producer who later produced Jack’s latest song, ‘Never Woulda known.’

He graduated from Atherton High School in 2016 and released his first album that was featured in his first music collective and label, Private Garden. Harlow’s frequent associates, the Homies that include Louisville producers Ace Pro and rapper Ronnie Lucciano, Shloob, and Quiiso, are also featured in the collective.

During the 2017 summer, Jack released “Routine,” a single, and “Dark Knight,” another single incorporating music video in October of the same year. He acknowledges Cyhi the Prynce for helping him finalize his song “Dark Knight” and work on his writer’s block. The song became part of his mixtape Gazebo, released in 2017 November. Jack Harlow did everything possible to support his album, including going on a fourteen-city Gazebo tour.

Jack started working at Georgia State University Cafeteria to generate more income when he moved to Atlanta. After working at the university cafeteria for a month, he joined Mean Street Studio’s DJ Drama.

In 2018 August, Jack Harlow signed to Generation Now record label’s Don Cannon and DJ Drama, and on that same day, jack released a video for the single “Sundown.” On 17th August 2018, jack released his main label debut Loose.

On 21st August 2019, Harlow released another single, “Thru the Night,” featuring Bryson Tiller, a Louisville native, and then Confetti, the 12-track mixtape featuring EST Gee, Tiller, and 2forwOyNE.

In 2020 January, jack released another single, “Whats Poppin.” He uploaded the song on Tiktok, which was widely shared, and up to May 2021, the video had over 135 million views. On 13th March 2020, during Jack Harlow’s 22nd birthday, he released Sweet Action, a seven-track project.

Jack Harlow

Jack Harlow’s Lifestyle

Even though Jack Harlow retains fan base attention and spotlight image, he prefers keeping his private life private. During a personalized job interview by Vogue in September 2021, he gave hints on his daily routine. Jack acknowledges not engaging in personalized and up-shut interviews often and believes celebrities have factors they want to keep private entirely. He noted that he has accomplishments that should remain private, doesn’t want the public to know how his twenty-four hours look and how his house looks inside.

Jack Harlow’s privacy extends to his everyday relationship. He doesn’t want the public to know who he is courting. He likes simplicity in his life as giving more to the public will be for them.

Jack Harlow’s Relationship Status

The American rapper revealed in an interview with GQ Hype he is single. After noting his relationship status, he said he loves women, and relationships are amazing.

Jack Harlow notes that there are things he wouldn’t do today that he would have done three years ago. There is also stigma behind that as he saw more prominent artists talking about girls who wanted to be with them because of their popularity. He wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with a girl because he is an artist.

Jack Harlow’s Height, Weight, Eye Color

Jack Harlow is 6 ft 3inch or 191 cm and weighs around 77 kgs. Having been born on March 13th, his Zodiac sign is Pisces. The color of his eyes is blue, and he used to wear glasses, but now he doesn’t.

Jack Harlow Net Worth and Earnings

Jack Harlow is a famous Youtuber covering music with over 1.2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He founded his YouTube channel in 2010, and it’s based in the US. He earns handsomely from his online media, including YouTube, Tiktok, and Facebook. His YouTube channels make up to $7 on every one thousand video views. This shows his YouTube channel generates over $779 thousand annually.

Jack Harlow’s estimated net worth is over $4 million USD. Even though his net worth is not well known, it might be higher than $4.3 million.