Guido Van Rossum Net Worth-How Rich the Dutch Computer programmer is in 2022?

Guido Van Rossum is a 65-year-old Dutch programmer famously known for creating Python language that has gained fame over the years. Van Rossum’s creation is always under developing to accommodate as many improvements as possible from their users, and he makes decisions where necessary. Van Rossum has also worked for notable companies such as Google, Dropbox and currently working in Microsoft. His estimated net worth is about $10 million as of 2022.

NameGuido Van Rossum
Real NameGuido Van Rossum
Date of BirthJanuary 31, 1956
Birth PlaceThe Hague Netherlands
ProfessionComputer programmer, author
Marital StatusMarried
WifeKim Knapp
Height5 feet 8 inches
Weight75 kilograms
Net Worth$10 million

Early Life

Guido Vas Rossum was born on January, 31, 1956 in Haarlem, Netherlands. He is the eldest of two siblings, with his sister born two years after him and his brother born ten years later. His father was an architect, and while his mother was a school teacher but later resigned after getting married. He was born in an atheist family, but it was tough to respect other people’s religions regardless. 

Guido got an electronic kit on his tenth birthday, which influenced his interest in electronics, and when he joined high school, he was an electronic hobbyist. Guido was great at designing circuits and slightly good at soldering. He was not fond of sports, and had very few friends with who they used to hang with. Some of whom shared the same interest in physics and math. He also got A’s in all tests and was more interested in Math, which influenced his choice in the University later on.

He joined the University of Amsterdam, where he studied mathematics. Additionally, he studied programming languages such as ALGO and Pascal. While still at school, he found a job at Stichting Academy Rekencentrum Amsterdam (SARA), which provides computer services. In 1982, he graduated from the university.

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Guido Van Rossum Career

Guido Van Rossum’s career began while working at the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI). He contributed and wrote a global routine to BSD Unix in 1986 and assisted in developing the ABC programming language. Guido Van Rossum created an early browser called ‘Grail,’ written in Python. Additionally, he was engaged in various discussions about HTML standards.

He has worked for various research institutes, including the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the U.S, Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) in the Netherlands, and the Corporation for National Research Initiative (CNRI). In the year 2000, he excited the CNRI with his other Python core developers and partners to go and join a tech startup be, which later collapsed the same year.

 Van Ross later joined Zope Corporation, where he worked from the late (2000 – 2003). In 2003 he joined Elementary security, where he worked on a custom programing language in the organization.

In 2005, Van Rossum joined Google, where he spent some of his time there working and developing Python language and later left in 2012. He later joined Dropbox in January 2013, where he worked before officially retiring in October 2019. He then came out of retirement the following year and joined Microsoft.


In December 1989, Guido Van Rossum was looking for a hobby to keep him occupied during the Christmas holiday as his office was closed. He decided to work on a new programing language he had been thinking about for a while, a descendant of ABC that would be appeal to Unix/c hackers.

He further explains that ABC inspired him to develop Python further by SETL. He says that STL developer Lambert Martin had spent his entire year with SETL before developing his final product, ABC design. Guido Van Rossum announced that he would be stepping down in July 2018 from his position of BDFL of python programming language.

1999 Computer Programming for everybody proposal

Guido Van Rossum submitted a funding proposal in 1999 called ‘Computer Programming for Everybody.’ to the DARPA, which further explained his targets for Python.

  • Allows contribution from everyone that will enhance its development.
  • Easy to understand code, just like studying English.
  • Appropriate for your daily responsibilities allowing little development times.
  • An easy the intuitive language is just as influential as major contenders.

In 2019, Python became the largest source code management website on the internet, second only to JavaScript, the second most popular language in GitHub. According to a programming language popularity survey, it is constantly among the ten most mentioned programming languages in job posts.

According to TIOBE Programming Community Index, ever since the year 2004, Python has been among the ten most popular programming languages. And in October 2021, it got the number one spot on the index.


While working at Google, Van Rossum developed a Python written web-based code review system called ‘Mondrian’ used within Google. The software was named after a Dutch Painter, Piet Mondrian. Also named another related software after a Dutch designer Gerrit Rietveld.


In 2013, Guido Van Rossum joined the cloud file storage company and worked there for six years before officially retiring in October 2019.


Guido announced that he was retiring to join the Developer Division at Microsoft. On November 12, 2020

Guido Van Rossum Life Style

  • Over his lifetime, Guido Vas Rossum has received many awards for his great work and his changes in the world of cording. In2002 he received an award for 2001 Award from the Free Software Foundation (FSF) because of his work on Python.
  • He additionally received the NLUUG award in May 2003
  • The Association for Computing Machinery further recognized him in 2006.
  • The Computer History Museum made Guido Van Rossum a fellow in 2018
  • He got an honorary title of ‘Dijkstra Fellow’ in 2019 by (CWI)

Guido Van Rossum Personal Life

Guido Van Rossum has some with Kim Kapp. They both live together in Belmont, California. However, the exact date when the two got married is unknown, but they are happily married.

Guido Van Rossum Height, Weight, Eyes Color

Von Rossum is 65 years old as of January 31, 1956, but he has maintained a great body structure almost as consistent over the years. Guido is 5 feet 8 inches tall, like many average Americans, and also weighs 75 kg, which is surprisingly great.

Guido Van Rossum Net Worth and earning

As of January 2022, Guido Van Rossum worth is about $10 million in assets and wealth. He has heavily invested in a programming language from which most of his earning is said to have come. Additionally, the main earnings that he has made are from his programming work and the work he put into Python as an author. Furthermore, he has worked for many notable companies as co-partners, with some using his designs, which channels more income for him.