Games to Play at a 50th Birthday Party: Fun and Engaging Ideas!

Games to play at a 50th birthday party include Pass the Parcel, Water Balloon Toss, Hide and Seek, Treasure Hunt, Musical Chairs, Charades, Pictionary, and Red Rover. These games provide interactive and engaging entertainment for guests of all ages.

Scavenger hunts, Never Have I Ever, Two Truths and a Lie, and Who Am I? Are also great options. A 50th birthday party is a significant milestone in a person’s life and deserves to be celebrated in a memorable and enjoyable way.

While it’s essential to create a festive atmosphere with decorations, music, and delicious food, incorporating games into the celebration can add an extra layer of fun and excitement. Whether the party is held indoors or outdoors, there are numerous games to choose from that can cater to different interests and preferences. We will explore some popular games that are perfect for a 50th birthday party.

Classic Party Games

When it comes to planning a memorable 50th birthday party, don’t underestimate the power of classic party games. These timeless activities are loved by all generations and can bring a sense of nostalgia to the celebration. Whether you’re hosting the party in your backyard or a rented venue, incorporating these games will surely keep your guests entertained and create lasting memories. Here are some must-play classic party games for a 50th birthday celebration:

Pass The Parcel

Pass The Parcel is a classic game that brings excitement and anticipation to any party. Create a parcel by wrapping multiple layers of gift paper or newspaper around a small prize. Play some upbeat music and have guests pass the parcel around in a circle. When the music stops, the person holding the parcel removes one layer. Repeat this process until the final layer is unwrapped, and the person who unwraps the last layer gets to keep the prize. This game is perfect for all ages and adds an element of surprise to the party.

Water Balloon Toss

Beat the summer heat and have some splashy fun with a Water Balloon Toss. Divide your guests into pairs and give each pair a water balloon. Partners stand a few feet apart and toss the water balloon back and forth, taking a step back after each successful catch. The game continues until there is only one pair left with an intact water balloon. Not only will this game keep everyone refreshed, but it also adds an element of friendly competition to the celebration.

Hide And Seek

Relive your childhood memories by playing a game of Hide And Seek. Designate one person as the seeker while the rest of the guests hide. The seeker counts to a predetermined number while the others find their perfect hiding spots. The seeker then tries to find and tag all the hidden players. This game is perfect for outdoor parties or large indoor spaces and keeps everyone on their toes as they try to outsmart the seeker.

Treasure Hunt

Add a sense of adventure to the party with a Treasure Hunt. Create a series of clues that lead participants to different locations, ultimately leading them to a hidden treasure. You can choose to hide the treasure indoors or outdoors depending on the venue. Make the clues challenging but not too difficult to keep the excitement alive. A Treasure Hunt is a great way to get everyone involved and working together to solve the clues.

Musical Chairs

Bring out the competitive spirit with a game of Musical Chairs. Arrange chairs in a circle, facing outward, with one less chair than the number of participants. Play some lively music and have guests walk around the chairs. When the music stops, everyone must find a seat. The person left standing is eliminated, and one chair is removed. Continue this process until there is only one chair and one player left. This game never fails to ignite enthusiasm and laughter among the participants.


Challenge your guests’ acting skills with a game of Charades. Write down various phrases, movie titles, or common expressions on pieces of paper and put them in a bowl. Divide the guests into two teams and have one person from each team pick a piece of paper. Without speaking, they must act out the word or phrase while their team tries to guess it. Charades is a classic game that guarantees lots of laughs and is perfect for a 50th birthday celebration.


Unleash your artistic side with a game of Pictionary. Divide your guests into teams and provide each team with a large drawing pad and markers. Have a designated person pick a word or phrase and silently draw it on the pad. The team members must guess the word or phrase within a given time limit. This interactive game brings out the competitive spirit and creativity of your guests.

Red Rover

Add some physical activity to the party with a game of Red Rover. Divide your guests into two teams and have them stand facing each other, forming two lines. The teams take turns calling out individuals from the opposite team, saying, “Red Rover, Red Rover, send [name] right over.” The called player then runs towards the opposing team and tries to break through their linked arms. If they succeed, they bring one player back to their team. The game continues until one team manages to capture all the players from the other team. Red Rover is a classic outdoor game that gets everyone moving and laughing.

Interactive Games For Adults

When it comes to planning a 50th birthday party, interactive games can be a hit among the guests, especially for adults. Not only do these games provide entertainment, but they also encourage interaction and laughter, creating memorable moments that will be cherished for years to come. Here are some interactive games that are perfect for adding a fun and engaging element to the celebration:

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a classic game that never fails to bring out the competitive spirit in adults. Create a list of items or clues that guests need to find or solve in order to complete the hunt. You can customize the scavenger hunt to match the theme of the birthday party or incorporate personal anecdotes and memories of the birthday honoree.

Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is a popular drinking game that can be adapted for a 50th birthday party. Instead of using alcoholic beverages, you can use birthday-themed cards or prompts. Each person takes turns saying something they have never done, and anyone who has done it must take a sip or perform a funny task. This game is a great icebreaker and can lead to hilarious revelations and anecdotes.

Two Truths And A Lie

In Two Truths and a Lie, each participant shares three statements about themselves – two truths and one lie. The other guests must guess which statement is the lie. This game encourages conversation and laughter as people share interesting and sometimes unbelievable stories about themselves. It’s a great way for guests to get to know each other better and spark engaging conversations.


Charades is a classic party game that never goes out of style. Divide the guests into teams and give each team a set of charades cards or prompts. Each person takes turns acting out the word or phrase on their card without speaking, while their team members try to guess correctly. Charades is a great way to get everyone involved and laughing together.


Pictionary is another popular game that can be played at a 50th birthday party. Divide guests into teams and provide each team with a whiteboard or easel, markers, and a set of Pictionary cards. One person from each team will be the artist, while the others try to guess what they are drawing. This game sparks creativity and teamwork and is sure to bring out the competitive spirit in everyone.

Who Am I?

In the game of Who Am I?, each guest is assigned the name of a famous person, whether a celebrity, historical figure, or fictional character. The name is written on a sticky note and placed on their forehead or back. Guests then take turns asking yes or no questions to figure out who they are. This game is not only entertaining but also a great way to test the knowledge and creativity of the players.

What’s On Your Phone?

What’s on Your Phone? is a game that involves guests showing what they have on their phones. Create a list of items or scenarios, such as “Find a selfie with a pet” or “Show the oldest text message in your inbox.” Guests can earn points for each item they have on their phone. This game is a fun way to discover surprising things about your friends and spark conversations about technology and personal preferences.

Unique And Creative Party Games

When it comes to planning a 50th birthday party, it’s important to think outside the box and come up with unique and creative party games that will entertain guests of all ages. These games will not only add fun and excitement to the celebration, but also create lasting memories for the birthday honoree and their guests. Here are some ideas for games that are sure to be a hit at your next 50th birthday party:

Layers Of Fun

Add an element of surprise and laughter to your party with the “Layers of Fun” game. This game involves guests taking turns unwrapping layers of gift wrap, each containing a small prize or a challenge to complete. The guest who unwraps the final layer and reveals the grand prize is the winner. This game is a great ice breaker and a fun way to keep everyone engaged throughout the party.

Musical Chairs With A Twist

Put a unique spin on the classic game of musical chairs by adding a twist. Instead of using traditional chairs, use inflatable beach balls or large cushions. When the music stops, players must scramble to sit on a ball or cushion, and the one left standing is out. This game will have everyone laughing and competing to find a seat, regardless of their age or physical abilities.

Who Was The Last One?

A fun game that will test the memory of your guests is “Who Was The Last One?” Before the party starts, have one person secretly memorize a list of items or actions performed by each guest as they arrive. Once everyone has arrived, the person who memorized the list asks each guest a question about the person who arrived before them. The guest who answers incorrectly is out, and the person who memorized the list continues asking questions until there’s only one winner left.

A Shoe In

Add a touch of nostalgia to your 50th birthday party with the “A Shoe In” game. Ask each guest to bring a pair of shoes that represents a significant memory or milestone in their life. Place all the shoes in the middle of the room and have the birthday honoree guess who the shoes belong to. This game is not only a great conversation starter, but also a fun way to learn more about the guests and their personal stories.


Bring out the detective skills in your guests with the “Exiled” game. Before the party starts, choose one guest to be the “criminal” and give them a secret task to complete throughout the party. The rest of the guests will act as detectives and try to guess who the criminal is. Throughout the party, the criminal will drop hints and clues, and the guests will have to use their powers of deduction to figure out the identity of the culprit. This game is sure to keep everyone engaged and entertained throughout the party.

Guess The Ingredients

Test your guests’ taste buds and culinary knowledge with the “Guess the Ingredients” game. Prepare a variety of dishes or beverages with unique or unexpected ingredients, and have the guests taste them and guess what the ingredients are. This game is not only fun and interactive, but also a great way to introduce new flavors and recipes to your guests.

Weird And Wacky Scavenger Hunt

Add an element of adventure and excitement to your 50th birthday party with a “Weird and Wacky Scavenger Hunt.” Create a list of unusual and quirky items for guests to find and capture with their smartphones or cameras. The first guest to complete the scavenger hunt and collect all the items on the list is the winner. This game will keep your guests on their toes and encourage them to explore their surroundings in search of the weirdest and wackiest items.

With these unique and creative party games, your 50th birthday celebration is guaranteed to be a memorable event filled with laughter, excitement, and friendly competition. So gather your friends and family, and get ready for a fun-filled night of games and celebration!

Frequently Asked Questions On Games To Play At A 50th Birthday Party

What Are Games For 50th Birthday Party?

Some games for a 50th birthday party are: “Tell Me Without Telling Me,” “You’re Getting Old,” “Birthday Friendly Feud,” “Printable Birthday Party Trivia Game. “

What Are Good Games To Play On Your Birthday?

Some good games to play on your birthday are Pass The Parcel, Water Balloon Toss, Hide And Seek, Treasure Hunt, Musical Chairs, Charades, Pictionary, and Red Rover.

What Is The Color For A 50th Birthday Party?

The color for a 50th birthday party is usually gold.

How Many Games Should You Play At A Birthday Party?

At a birthday party, it is recommended to play a variety of games such as Pass The Parcel, Water Balloon Toss, Hide And Seek, Treasure Hunt, Musical Chairs, Charades, Pictionary, and Red Rover.


A 50th birthday party can be a memorable and fun event with the right games. Pass the Parcel, Water Balloon Toss, Hide and Seek, and Musical Chairs are some classic options that everyone can enjoy. For a more engaging experience, consider Charades, Pictionary, or Red Rover.

These games will ensure a good time and create lasting memories for the birthday celebrant and all the guests.