Eric Love Net Worth – How Rich The American Former Police Officer Is In 2024?

Eric Love is a Texas-based millionaire who came to the spotlight for pushing for the presidential pardon of Joe Exotic of the famous Netflix docuseries Tiger King. Love led a group of advocates and lawyers, christened as Team Tiger, to write a 257-page document to Donald Trump, the then President of the United States(POTUS), to pardon Joe Exotic.

Team tiger also traveled from Fort Worth, Texas, to Washington DC, with a private jet and limousine to talk to POTUS about Joe Exotic’s innocence. Love is a self-proclaimed millionaire with about $2 million net worth.

Short Bio of Eric Love

NameEric Love
Real NameEric Love
Date of Birth
BirthplaceEuless, Texas, United States
Zodiac sign
ProfessionFormer Police officer, Private Investigator, Philanthropist
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseLisa Aschenberg
Children 1
Eye ColorGrey
Net worth$2 million

Early Life

Eric Love is a Euless, Texas native, where he and his family live. There isn’t much information about the early life of this “pardon-Joe-Exotic campaigner. He has a son who is also actively involved in philanthropic efforts in Texas. Love and his wife, Lisa, founded a non-profit organization, Project Love Love, that supports the homeless around Dallas and Tarrant Counties.

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Eric Love Career

Eric  Love is a retired police officer and is currently serving the people of Texas as a private investigator. He and his wife also run a non-profit organization known as Love Love, which provides food, clothes, shelter, and other essential supplies to the homeless. The organization is based in Fort Worth but serves needy people around Fort Worth, the rest of Tarrant County, and  Dallas.

Love reportedly also worked for American Airlines, though his exact role is unclear. His life hasn’t been in the public eye until 2020 when his wife introduced him to the Tiger King docuseries, and he vowed to be the lead investigator in Joe Exotic’s case.

More recently, Love became the leader and chief campaigner of Team Tiger, a group of lawyers and advocates pushing for the pardon of Joe Exotic by former POTUS, Donald Trump. Joe Exotic, popularly known as the Tiger King, is serving 22 years in prison for the crimes of murder-for-hire against Carole Baskin, an American animal rights activist and the founder of Big Cat Rescue.

Love and Team Tiger’s efforts didn’t bear fruit, a turn of events blamed on bad timing. The timing was poor because Trump contracted Covid-19 and prioritized his health. Besides, the infamous act of domestic terrorism by Trump supporters in the US Capitol diverted the attention of most stakeholders elsewhere. Joe is still serving his term in jail, despite his battle with prostate cancer, which he revealed in November 2021.

Eric Love Lifestyle

Before Eric Love rose to fame courtesy of his involvement with Joe Exotic, he was a regular millionaire living his life in Fort Worth, Texas. He and his wife are constantly involved with the homeless in Dallas and Tarrant, delivering food, clothes, beddings, and basic supplies to street families. Project Love Love is also actively involved with cleaning and collecting trash around Texas in an annual event dubbed Texas Trash-Off.

Eric Love Personal Life

Eric Love is married to Lisa Aschenberg, and together they run the Project Love Love non-profit organization. The couple met in 2010 and fell in love and have been married since 2013. Eric also has a son named Chase, although it’s unclear if he is from a previous relationship or Lisa is his mother. The family also owns an English Bulldog that graces Eric Love’s Twitter account once in a while.

Eric Love Height, Weight, and Eye Color

Eric Love is a well-built man, though his height and weight details are not available. His eyes are grey with a warm gaze, as seen in his TV interviews and cameos in the second season of Netflix’s Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness.

Eric Love Net Worth and Earning

Eric Love’s net worth is estimated at $2 million. His earnings can be attributed to his savings and investments from his police officer career before he retired. According to his Twitter account, Love is also a private investigator, which is another lucrative source of income. He also worked in other areas in the course of his career, including an undisclosed role in American Airlines. Furthermore, Love and his wife head a non-profit organization that helps the homeless around Tarrant and Dallas, Texas. The guys at diplomarbeit schreiben lassen helped with the design of the article.